Three Rivers, California
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Honor Roll

YearFirefighter/EMSLaw EnforcementArmed Forces
2018 Lt Tim Scoville (Tulare County Fire) Brandon Alisio (CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife) Greg Schwaller
Bob Rios
2017 Dennis Villavicencio
Tony Ellis
Stephen Lahmann
Bill Haxton
Maureen "Mo" Basham
2016 Carlos Vasquez (TC Fire)
Paul Marquez (CAL Fire TC, Retired Chief, Rough Fire)
Joe Garcia (TC Fire, Retired Chief, Rough Fire)
David Allen (SNP & KCNP, Fire Mgnmt. Officer, Rough Fire)
Kevin Elliot (Sequoia NF, Forest Supervisor, Rough Fire)
Dean Gould (Sierra NF, Forest Supervisor, Rough Fire)
Joshua Van Aalst (NPS, Park Ranger) Bob Abanathie (Vietnam)
Gunner Gunnerude (WWII)
Chuck Meadors (Korea)
2015 Tyson Lewis (TC Fire)
Ben Jacobs (NPS Fire)
Mark Frick (Sheriff's Deputy)
Dot Crain (Sheriff's VIP)
Gary Potter (Vietnam)
Tony Harris (Iraq)
Lisa Harris (Iraq)
2014 Debra Schweizer (NPS Fire)
Jason Hawes (Volunteer Fire)
Clancy Blakemore (Sheriff's VIP)
Scott Doyle (Sheriff's Deputy)
Bill Clark (WW II)
Gene Powert (Korea)
2013 John Hanggi
Dave Bartlett
Sheriff's VIP Dave King
Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Gardner
Jack Nielsen (WW II/Korea)
Jim Elliott (WW II)
2012 Fire Captain Scott McCorkill
Arrowhead Hotshots of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
Detective Joe Rodriguez
VIP Ken Greenspan
George Williams
Pete Chavez
Manuel Toledo
2011 Fire Lt. Dave Vasquez, and
Former members of now defunct Three Rivers Volunteer Ambulance
1.Frank Ainley III
2.Mike Condon
3.Steve Mayfield
4.Robert Meeker
5.Dennis Villavicencio
6.Art Molina, MD
7.Mary Staberg
8.Ray Murry
9.Ginny Stone
10.Hal Boley
11.Jennifer Boley
12.Cal Johnson
13.Carol Nickel
14.Tony Simonian
15.Kathy Brown
16.Linda Warner
17.Darrell Rich, DDS
18.Don Stivers
19.Tim Howell
20.Cindy Howell
21.Paul Smith
22.Dick Langton
Evelyn Thompson
Deputy Al Brockman
Steve Wood
Mark Robb
Clancy Barlow
George Clausen
2010 Chief Sunderland
Steve Bennett
Chris Bennett (unable to attend)
Rich Crain
Nikki Crain
Undersheriff Dahl Cleek
Lt. David Galloway
Don Thompson
Walter Aguilar
Bill Hart (unable to attend)
Vernon Dixon (unable to attend)
Norm Polly (appeared via pre-recorded video)
Special Appearance by Chris Selby, Mobile Vet Ctr Readjustment Counseling Tech, from Fresno Vet Ctr, with his 30' mobile service facility, from 4pm to 8pm. Chris also attended the Bathtub Race the following day.
2009 Rusty Crain
Kent Owen (unable to attend)
Sandy Owen (unable to attend)
Dave Vasquez
Sylvia Diaz
John Hanggi
Glenn McIntyre
Kevin Bohl
Greg Fox (unable to attend)
Jim Fansett
Sheriff Bill Wittman
Jason Baillie (unable to attend)
Mark Berlin (unable to attend)
Dean Kesselring
Jack Barton
Randy Bowman (unable to attend)
Charles Mainwaring (unable to attend)
Jim Barton
Bill Herman
Chuck Meaders (unable to attend)
Harry Kulick
Hero Appreciation Months is organized by Leah Launey and Peter Sodhy